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NEVERSECOND 500ml Water bottle

NEVERSECOND 500ml Water bottle

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Size: 500ml

Introducing the Neversecond Tacx® Shiva™ 500ml – the unrivalled choice of professional cyclists worldwide and proudly endorsed by 11 out of 18 UCI World Tour Teams as their official bicycle water bottle.

Why we love it!

  • 100% Recyclable and Durable: Our commitment to sustainability means you get a durable bottle that also cares for the environment.
  • BPA/F/S and PET(E) Free Polyethene: Prioritizing your health and well-being, the Shiva™ bottle is free from harmful substances, ensuring a clean and safe hydration experience.
  • Lockable Cap to Stop Spilling On the Move: Stay focused on your ride with the confidence that our lockable cap prevents unwanted spills during your cycling journey.
  • Wide Opening for Easy Energy Drink Mixing: Effortlessly mix your energy drinks, tailoring your hydration to your exact specifications for optimal performance.
  • Proven at the Highest Level of Competition: Join the ranks of elite cyclists who trust the Shiva™ 500ml, a bottle that has demonstrated its excellence in the most challenging and demanding competitions.
    • Perfect for Gels and Drink Mixes: Whether you prefer gels or drink mixes, the Shiva™ bottle is the perfect vessel for your preferred fuel, ensuring you stay energized throughout your ride.

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