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Scientifically Proven Excellence

At the heart of NEVERSECOND is the groundbreaking work of Dr. Asker Jeukendrup, a world-renowned expert in sports nutrition. His extensive research and innovative approach form the foundation of our scientifically validated products, ensuring athletes receive nutritionally superior fuel for their training and competition needs.

Championed by the Elite

NEVERSECOND's efficacy is not just proven in the lab but also on the global stage. Celebrated victories such as the UTMB (twice), the Tour de France, Leadville, Unbound, and Paris-Roubaix, along with multiple Ironman triumphs, stand as testaments to our products' performance. Esteemed teams and athletes like EF Education Pro Cycling, Team Bahrain Victorious, Jim Walmsley, and Lisa Norden trust NEVERSECOND for their nutritional strategy, showcasing our unparalleled impact in the world of elite sports.

Optimal Fueling Solutions

Understanding the unique demands of endurance sports, NEVERSECOND offers an integrated suite of fueling solutions, including energy gels, bars, and drink mixes. Designed to function seamlessly together, our products simplify and personalize the fueling process for endurance athletes, ensuring they can focus on what matters most: their performance.

Pioneering Sports Nutrition Research

NEVERSECOND stands at the forefront of sports nutrition innovation, thanks to decades of cutting-edge research led by Dr. Jeukendrup. Our commitment to separating fact from fiction in sports nutrition guides the development of products that set new standards in efficacy and reliability.

With NEVERSECOND, athletes at every level can unlock their full potential, supported by the highest caliber of sports nutrition science available.