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Veloforte Di Bosco Energy Bar: Red Berries, Almonds and Pistachios

Veloforte Di Bosco Energy Bar: Red Berries, Almonds and Pistachios

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Flavour: Fruity and chewy with red berries, almonds and pistachios

1 Box = 24 Single Bars

Infused with the vibrant essence of bursting berries, Di Bosco transcends the or

It's a sumptuous, succulently-flavoured delight that includes chewy red berries, crunchy pistachios and almonds, and a zing of fresh lemon zest.

This isn't just a snack; it's a taste sensation designed to brighten up even your longest efforts – the ultimate upgrade for your active lifestyle.

Why we love it!

  • 40g Dual-Source Carbohydrates: The perfect blend of natural glucose and fructose for sustained and efficient energy.

  • Plant-Powered Protein: Enjoy the benefits of 5g of protein sourced from plants.

  • Small Batch, Handmade Excellence: Crafted with care to deliver an exceptional taste and texture.

  • Real Food, Real Energy: Di Bosco Bar offers a genuine, natural way to re-energize, avoiding artificial additives.

  • Certified for Performance: Informed-Sport tested and certified, ensuring each batch is free of banned substances, giving you confidence in your competitive edge.

Inte lämplig för personer med nöt- eller jordnötsallergier.
Nicht geeignet für Menschen mit Nuss- oder Erdnussallergien.
Ikke egnet til personer med nødde- eller jordnøddeallergi.
Not suitable for people with nut or peanut allergies.

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