Collection: Energy Chews

Discover the secret alternative to energy gels used by top athletes. Our premium selection of energy chews are designed to support your stamina, enhance your performance, and support your hydration and recovery strategy.

Embrace the power of quick-release carbohydrates and electrolyte-rich formulas that keep you ahead of the pack, whether you're running, cycling, or swimming your way to victory.

Our energy chews are not just candy; they are scientifically formulated endurance fueling powerhouses.

Packed with sports nutrition essentials, these chews are your answer to mid-race energy dips and the demanding nature of endurance sports.

Each chew is loaded with a balanced mix of simple and complex carbohydrates, providing a steady energy release that's crucial for long-distance running, intensive cycling, and all-day triathlons.

Hydration-Boosting: Veloforte's energy chews come infused with key natural electrolytes to help you maintain optimal body balance. They work in synergy with your body's needs, helping to support consistent performance cramps and dehydration during the most grueling endurance challenges. Integrating these chews into your hydration plan means you're always primed for peak performance.

Choosing Your Energy Chews: With a variety of flavors and formulations, selecting the right energy chew is vital. Whether you're looking for organic energy chews, or caffeine-infused endurance boosters, our selection has you covered ensuring you're fueled for success.

Offering more than just energy, our chews are tailored to support every phase of training and racing Helping from priming your body with pre-workout fuel, sustaining your performance with in-race energy. Fuel your passion and performance with our specialized energy chews.

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