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NEVERSECOND C30 Citrus Energy Drink Mix

NEVERSECOND C30 Citrus Energy Drink Mix

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Flavour: Citrus fruit

1 Pouch = 20 single servings 

Elevate your endurance performance with NEVERSECOND's C30 Citrus Energy Drink Mix.

Developed by Dr Asker Jeukendrup, a renowned expert in sports nutrition and designed to deliver fast-absorbing dual-source carbohydrate energy.

This fuel blend supports sustained performance, and optimal hydration, and minimizes the risk of gastrointestinal discomfort during intense training and racing.

Why we love it!

  • Tour de France and UMTB Proven: NEVERSECOND's C30 Citrus Energy Drink Mix has played a vital role in multiple pro tour victories, including the prestigious Tour de France, and gruelling UTMB competitions. It's been proven where it matters most - in the real-world, high-stakes environments of elite cycling, running, and triathlon. 
  • Scientifically Crafted Formula: Developed in collaboration with elite athletes in cycling, running, and triathlon, C30 Citrus Energy Drink Mix is a testament to its effectiveness in supporting high-level performance.
  • Gastric-Friendly and Isotonic: Designed to be isotonic for rapid gastric emptying, this mild-flavoured blend is gentle on the stomach, allowing you to perform without discomfort.
  • Certified for Performance: Informed-Sport tested and certified, ensuring each batch is free of banned substances, giving you confidence in your competitive edge.

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