Science first, Neversecond!

Founded by athletes, Neversecond celebrates and empowers endurance athletes through scientifically advanced endurance fuelling products and solutions. 

Neversecond’s Purpose?

Using proven science to create leading-edge sports nutrition products that simplify and support endurance athletes during training and peak performance.

NEVERSECOND help athletes navigate the myths and misinformation around endurance sports nutrition. They want athletes to use the right product at the right time systematically to optimise performance.

Who are Neversecond?

The founding teams are passionate endurance athletes and sports scientists working with and advising some of the world’s best athletes.

The team is at the leading edge of endurance performance nutrition, working, advising, and supporting some of the best athletes and groups on the planet.  

The team are endurance athletes, training and racing, and understand the challenges everyday athletes balance.

Why did we choose Neversecond? 

We wanted to work with NEVERSECOND because their goal is to empower everyday endurance athletes and make the best endurance fuel on the planet.

The team are passionate about everyday athletes performance and create the best products and solutions possible that work with the body and athlete.

As a brand, the team takes responsibility to safeguard the planet seriously. Their focus is on creating safe and clean products, cutting plastic use by 80% and cutting carbon transport costs.