Neversecond Proudly Announces Partnership with Renowned Ultramarathon Champion Jim Walmsley

Neversecond Proudly Announces Partnership with Renowned Ultramarathon Champion Jim Walmsley

In an exhilarating update for the Neversecond community, we are overjoyed to announce that Jim Walmsley, the celebrated victor of the Western States 100-mile endurance run three times and the 2023 Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB) champion, has joined the Neversecond Global Athlete Team.

Our commitment to delivering authentic performance focused sports nutrition is perfectly embodied in Jim's incredible achievements and his journey with Neversecond, making this partnership exceptionally inspiring.

The Path to Partnership: Discovering the Neversecond Difference

The connection between Jim Walmsley and Neversecond began organically in the spring of 2023, when Jim started incorporating Neversecond products into his training.

After extensive personal testing over a few months Jim consistently started choosing Neversecond for his nutritional needs.

Jim shared with Neversecond how our products significantly enhanced his ability to sustain higher nutritional intakes more effectively than ever before.

He expressed his belief in Neversecond being the pivotal element he needed for conquering the UTMB. In support of his ambitions, we ensured Jim had ample supply of our products to fuel his journey.

Jim Walmsley's Historic UTMB Victory: Powered by Neversecond

Jim's belief in Neversecond was not just talk; it was a prelude to making history. His triumph at UTMB, marking him as the first American male to win the prestigious event, was not only a testament to his extraordinary talent and dedication but also highlighted the efficacy of Neversecond's nutritional support.

Jim managed to maintain an intake of 60g of carbs per hour, a crucial factor that powered him through the challenging final 50km of the race.

"I was finally able to get my fueling under control at UTMB this year using Neversecond. I was able to hold down 60g of carbs per hour which really helped me in the last 50km," Jim stated, underscoring the role of Neversecond in his historic win.

Neversecond are thrilled to have Jim Walmsley as part of our Global Athlete Team, and we look forward to supporting him and many other athletes in reaching new heights of performance. Jim's journey and success are a beacon of inspiration and a powerful affirmation of our mission to provide athletes with the nutrition they need to achieve their "never second" moments.

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